They always bring us a smile . . . the funny valentine’s with the cute clever sayings. They delight us. Likewise, the endearing words our young children exclaim charm us.tiny valentine
I created a simple system for collecting my children’s funny sayings that has become a funny little valentine that lasts all year long. It gives me an easy fun way to show my children that I delight in them. Have you intended to write down those adorable things your children said, or did? Do you think, “Oh I’ll remember them.” However, you only remember bits and pieces, yet miss the flair of the words, or the details that gave it the pizazz. Fifteen years ago, I started jotting down the sweet, funny, and sometimes hilarious sayings my kiddos spouted. I wrote them in a simple black and white composition book. However, any blank book will work as long as it has a strong binding, such as the one on a composition book. It needs to withstand the wear and tear of time.

It’s a super simple system.

Find an empty composition book/blank book

  • Keep it handy
  • Write in it OFTEN
  • Include dates and ages
  • Don’t worry about it being perfect

Over the years mine grew into a treasure collection of interesting things about, and by, my children. I let them contribute to it as they wished. They loved adding to an important book.

We have rediscovered the laughter and delight tucked between those simple pages a multitude of times.  I’ve been able to bond with, and delight in, my children easily as we scroll through the pages. It honors my them, provides quality one-on-one time, and quickly gives us a calming joyful experience that undoubtedly brings laughter. Often times belly laughter. Likewise, I have created a system called STYLE which uses simple tools to efficiently develop emotional capital with your child, navigate well through conflict, and improve communication.

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