rewards for years to come

together fun sledding

My excited playful husband beckoned my youngest son to dash outside with him and sled down the nearest hill.  I was watching them out the kitchen window while washing dishes.


I only had a few more and wanted to get them done. Then it dawned on me. Until I’m finished they might be done too. So I abandoned the dishes, donned my outer gear, and darted out the door to join in the fun. My husband already called it quits, but my son was going strong.


After several slides down the hill, my son decided to tackle a bigger hill.


The anticipation is building.

up higher

The hill is steeper than it appears.

cool hill

Even though the trek is long .  .  .   the tippy top delivers a fabulous windy view.


Ready, set  .  .  .  go!

cool down

Ah, the thrill calls for more icy sledding. My son and I invested a handsome amount of time in the venture. However, we invested in something far more significant then time. We invested in the relationship. Doing something fun together that was of his choosing strengthens the foundation of our relationship. It’s one of the Rooted in STYLE principles which nourishes our relationship. These together fun times, along with the other Rooted in STYLE principles, when used repeatedly, develop emotional capital. So when conflict comes to a parent child relationship, as it assuredly will, a Rooted in STYLE relationship will help you navigate your conflicts more judiciously. If the heart of your relationship with your child has desperately changed for the worse, and you’re unsure how to navigate a positive change go here to learn more about a Rooted In STYLE relationship.

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