Every fiber of my being exploded with joy as I requested measurement of the plain black fabric. This easy Christmas gift purchase from the local fabric store, needed no further cutting, sewing, or gluing. While this in itself can be cause for rejoicing, especially when already harried by many projects, my inner celebration was far more significant. I found myself rehearsing over again in my mind my 13 year old son’s words;

“I would be very satisfied if I just got black fabric for Christmas.”

My stunned response to his peculiar request, “What? You’re kidding right?”

“No Mom, that’s what I want.”

Yes, my youngest son, who wants this black fabric, is quite enterprising and has clever plans for the cloth. Still a young teen, his innovations are bringing him early success. Creativity, however, wasn’t always his apparent strength. In fact, there were many times over the years he complained of boredom and was unable to entertain himself. Although he was basically a happy fellow he lacked inspiration. When he was about eight years old he, along with the rest of us, was faced with some heavy duty family difficulties which were beyond any of our powers to control.

Life felt black.

Endlessly black.

Boredom became the least of any of our concerns. For two years we daily faced several anguishing situations. We were needing to rely on God like never before, and had to become more resourceful, resilient, and creative than ever. It was a long struggle which taxed us emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

During this trying time our youngest son, like the rest of us, had many decisions to make in his own life. Being the youngster that he was he had very little control over much. But, he did realize he had control over his own thinking. He realized he could sit and sulk or he could look for something positive to fill his mind. Deciding on the latter he dusted off a book and began to read. Enjoying that one he read another and another. Something wonderful  came alive in him through these stories. He transitioned from a lad with limited ideas into a zealous reader. There, between the book covers, he observed exciting and seemingly impossible worlds explode into apparent reality. This captivating interest pressed him through the black ocean of adversities in life and into a new hope.

Fascinated by the countless stories, which he treasured, he decided he had nothing to lose in trying his own pen on for size. Quickly his creativity and passion for writing materialized. His pen fits well. At age 11 he self published a book http://amzn.to/1by6zMC, at age 12 began writing a marvelous blog http://sunsetrising.blogspot.com/ and currently, at age 13 Creation Works is producing the audio drama A Search For Truth, http://creationworks.net a drama which he created a few months ago. Needless to say, he hasn’t been bored recently.

I am certainly enthused about his creative endeavors, however, there is a central principle at work in his life, which can be at work in your life also. It’s nested in ancient truth. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, and to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

This transformation from dark and ugly to bright and inspiring can work in your life, and even in your difficult relationship with your child. There is new life in adversity. Though you cannot change another person, just as my son couldn’t change his circumstances, you can change your thoughts and perspective. There is no down side to this. Because even in the worst case scenario if your child’s negative patterns don’t change, your relationship with your child will transform because you have changed. You won’t have the same dynamics. When you allow the adversity of this difficult relationship to transform your heart and renew your mind, your stressed relationship will improve.  For further help in this transformation sign up for the Insiders Inspiring Parent 

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