A few days ago, two of my sons and I went arrowhead hunting. We were skillfully taught, by my cousin, how to find these ancient treasures. First he guided us to the best bejewelled field, and then to the most promising areas in the field.

He, along with his wife, showed us actual examples of flint, and explained this was the stone used by Native Americans to create arrowheads. They showed us other examples of what was similar to, but not truly, flint. Learning the skill of identifying an arrowhead, even if it is broken or only partly there, enabled us to find these hidden valuables when otherwise they would be easily overlooked.

My cousin and his wife gave us the inspiration, skills, and tools which enabled us to unearth some valuable “jewels” from a seemingly barren piece of ground.

Does your relationship with your child seem to be a like barren scorched piece of ground?

Do you think it’s possible to uncover “jewels” in this relationship again?

I will give you hope, practical tools, inspiration, and skills to unearth treasure in this broken and parched relationship with your child, <a href=”http://www.joythacker.com/tools-2/”>here</a> 

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