I kept it to myself with a tight fearful grasp . . . Imprisoning my God-given passionI kept it to myself with a tight fearful grasp . . .

Imprisoning my God-given passion for Heart Working Women and keeping it “safe” in my pockets.

‘Twasn’t right.

Likewise, it’s not suitable for a tree to tightly hold its seeds to its limbs, and never allow them to fall and find root. If the tree denies others the joy of plucking its fruit and consuming its nourishment then no one benefits.

Thankfully, trees don’t fear letting go of their fruit and seed.

People fear letting go.

I did.

Finally, however, God caught my attention.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV

The seed of thought for Heart Working Women has weathered many seasons and storms. God has shown me in various ways, and by my circumstances, the time to plant the seed is now. No more hesitating or the season will be over. Heart Working Women is ready to grow and produce a hundred fold.

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With a growing trust in God . . . the one who casts out all fear . . .

I let go of the seed for Heart Working Women and freed it from my pockets. . .

I loosed my grip and it fly . . .

it’s buried under the deep untamed world.

Freely germinating, now, in God’s grace.

Eagerly, I wait to see what God will produce from this seed.

I love the story my friend, Diane, tells about a time when she was little and faced her fear.

Being gregarious yet having no sisters and only one brother, Diane got lonely at times and quite excited to have buddies come over to play. When her neighbor, Mrs. Bell, would come to their house, and bring her daughter along to play with Diane, you can imagine how thrilling it was for her.

After much fun, and an awareness of the time quickly drawing near for the Bells to leave, Diane figured out a way to outmaneuver her neighbors and cut her impending loss.

It was simple.

She locked her friend in the bathroom.

Sometimes as adults we do silly things too when we’re afraid. Our human nature causes us to hold tight to things, thoughts, and people in selfish and fearful ways. Unfortunately, this attitude often brings about the opposite of what we really want to happen.

I don’t know if Diane’s friend ever came back to play.

Letting go of harmful attitudes towards people, things, and/or ideas actually frees you to live more fully, helps you become a person others want to be around, and honors God.

Here are four questions I ask myself to help me overcome my fears or let go of the harmful things I’m holding onto.

  1. Am I holding onto feelings of inadequacy and putting aside an idea or passion that keeps coming to mind?
  1. Am I holding onto distractions or busyness and neglecting areas of my physical health that deserve my attention? ( diet, exercise, rest)
  1. Am I holding onto awkward feelings at the expense of not contacting people who regularly come to mind?
  2. Am I holding onto what’s familiar and comfortable and refusing to address recurring negative emotions?

Choose one of the above four categories to work on.

Keep track of your progress. And share what you intend to do with someone you trust.

It would be ludicrous for a tree to keep its fruit tethered to its limbs only for it to become shriveled, rotten, and useless. Or to not allow its seeds to grow past the reach of its branches.

As the fruit is plucked and the seed is weathered it produces a hundredfold.

Likewise for you, as you loosen your tight fearful clasp of harmful attitudes it actually frees you to live more fully, helps you become a person others want to be around, and most importantly honors God.

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